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the secret in the shadow

Banded Pitta 01b.jpg
Red Whiskered Bulbul 01b.jpg
LonG Tailed Minivet 01b.jpg
Brown Shrike 01b.jpg
The First of Spring - Eternal Youth 01.j
Golden Bellied Flyeater 01a.jpg
Glossy Starling 01b.jpg
Blue Tailed Bee-Eater 01b.jpg

SAGG  group exhibition   Kerbau Rd Singapore 2012

The question of who we are is confronted when we arrive in a new place. The opportunity of ‘carte blanche’ with a new identity is tempting. A new place, a new start, a new identity – the opportunity for re-invention. It can fulfill a subtle whim or drive forward a mechanism for survival. The ‘shadow of self’ often contains a history of past identities…

The collection for this show looks at the Question of Identity..

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